Press It!

It’s good to have a brainstorm alone or with kindred souls, or have a brain dump in which art, phrases, independent films, photos and illustrations mix in a pleasant manner in that thing I call my life. Better to have a creative crutch so that all these come together or unravel a meaning.

Hatching a creative task, for example, producing an independent film, or my own efforts at letting the world know about the many travels to be had in my country, I’ve turned to WordPress. Inasmuch as ramps are built for the disabled to get from point A to point B, I began as a naive blogger on it many years back.

Aside from coming up with text and uploading image, I learned early on to tag and categorize. Understanding links and detailed personalizing of blogs came many online hours later.My blogging disabilities notwithstanding, the accessibility it affords me has given me enough leeway to say what I need to get out there.

Instead of expending my energy figuring out the presentation, I am more focused on the mission of nurturing the content. Given a broad spectrum of themes, it became desirable to put out information about the creative projects.

I never turned timid about updating the blogs regularly. It is in part driven by the fact that I wanted to attract people who were aligned to the project, who undergo the same unique situations when creating and to add to the press and to add to the plight. Admittedly, it was also partly to attract sponsors to the projects, brands or people who aided in the completion of the creative process.

It was also driven by the fact that there was always material nagging at me, like an itch needing to be scratched. Surely most bloggers know what I mean by this. Nowadays, the convenience to update via status or feed is rampant, but theme and specialty blogs shine in their own league. Not just blogs, many of them stand as beacons for our communities, meaning they are valuable.

Meaning they deliver knowledge that is timely. Reading my blogs’ stats, often I become aware of the “circulation” of the content and it is satisfying as well as makes me appreciative of the credibility that the platform lends to the ideas. By ideas I mean identity, brand, a design that strikes people’s hearts and minds, images.

Reading  the stats satisfies the question, “Am I connecting?”. To a large extent the tale of the stats informs me that people have found my blogs. That having found the “tone” by using the theme, has created the necessary ripple. In my opinion, the creative process of word association has expanded via WordPress into world association.

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