They shot parts of the The Bourne Legacy in Manila and Palawan. it’smorefuninthephilippines#2


Location. Location! By now, the Hollywood movie BOURNE LEGACY has already premiered worldwide. It premiered here in the Philippines last week, well before its US premiere. And for those who’ve seen it, you’d know by now that Manila and Palawan were two local locations amidst which the movie’s scenes were shot this summer. Well, for those on location hunt, we have 7,107 islands.


Another foreign film which found a location here was Director Wong Kar Wai’s DAYS OF BEING WILD. The place: Villa Escudero, Quezon Province. It is acres and acres of rural location nestled within coconut plantation and mountain. Operated as a resort, a small community of coconut farmers work within the villa which has hired farmers’ children as chambermaids, cooks, entertainers and all-around staff.

If you stay in Villa Escudero you get a glimpse of how the Philippines was in milder days. The cottages are native. But there is a waterfall that generates power for the villa, so it’s also very different from the old days. And any filmmaker will take note if a location has adequate power for production requirements.

Said waterfall is a box office feature in its own right. Guests enjoy home-made meals at the foot of the miniature falls, seated on wooden benches, their feet licked by the cool water.

Props? Villa Escudero has a small chapel. It also has a museum! The estate owners have put on display their eclectic collection of ancient bric-a-brac. Some of their collections are here, and one intriguing item is displayed outdoors near the Villa’s entrance since it can’t fit in the musuem : an old  bi-plane.

PHOTO CREDITS : Villa Escudero by Onnah Valera

The Bourne Legacy photo by Yahoo!,

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